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18th December 2012

rfVCRmerge version 1.5 released.

Support for replay files from Game Stock Car has been added.

Plus when merging laps it is now possible to stagger them so that they are not directly on top of each other.

Many thanks to Patrick Giranthon, Renato Simioni and Ivan Iglesias for the suggestions and testing.

NOTE: Because of a compiler upgrade since the last version, you might need to update your Visual C runtimes. If it complains about not being installed properly, Google for "vc 2010 redist" to find a download link.

18th September 2011

I am proud to announce a new Android app. rF Server Info mimics rFactor's in-game server query on your Android device. Available in both free and ad-free versions. Available now on the Android Market.

25th May 2010

I have replaced the rfVCRmerge 1.3 release with version 1.3.1. This update contains a fix for replays where a driver changes car within a session. Many thanks to Noel Hibbard of SRRS-Racing for reporting the problem.

2nd Feb 2010

rfVCRmerge version 1.3 released.

It's been a very long time coming, but finally it is possible to merge replay files of different mods. Many thanks to Luis Matey Muņoz for the suggestions and testing. Note that only those mods compatible with the 'All Tracks and Vehicles' mod will be compatible.

24th Apr 2009

I have replaced the rfVCRmerge 1.2 release with version 1.2.1. This update contains a fix for replays generated by the Historic GT mod. Many thanks to dt for reporting the problem.

23rd Apr 2009

rfVCRmerge version 1.2 released.

Command line functionality has been added to the program. You can now extract hotlaps from a session replay with automatic scripts. Ideal for all the league admins out there! Please see the readme.txt for usage information.

Many thanks to Tygernoot of Tyka fame for the suggestions and testing.

NOTE: Because of a compiler upgrade since the last version, you might need to update your Visual C runtimes. Google for "vc 2008 redist" to find a download link.

22nd Mar 2009

Despite having had a rant on rFactorCentral a few weeks ago about how rFactorLive was never going to be viewable in a browser, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I've been researching the capabilities of Flash/ActionScript. So far I'm impressed. I've created a prototype to test whether it is possible to use a flash-enabled browser to connect to and view the rFactorLive data. So far it's all good. Watch this space (but don't hold your breath)!

You may have noticed that it is now also possible to access this site through www.rfactorlive.com. The domain became available and I thought "Why not?". In the future I may move over to the .com domain exclusively, but I'll need a bit of free time first.

Plus... it's not directly connected to rFactorLive, but if you've not looked already, these videos are worth a look. It's nice to see rF showcased so well. Well done to everyone concerned.

8th Mar 2009

Version 0.9 BETA released.

It's been a long time and a lot of other projects have got in the way, but here is a minor upgrade to the rFactorLive plugin. This supports non-standard rFactor installs. Anyone who has a single Locations folder shared by multiple rFactor installations should find it now works. (Also, I'm told that this happens to make rFactorLive compatible with ARCA ;-) ). Many thanks to Sascha Henken at RaceSims.org for suggesting this improvement.

NOTE: Because of a compiler upgrade since the last version, you might need to update your Visual C runtimes. Google for "vc 2008 redist" to find a download link.

4th June 2008

Updated version of the plugin framework available here. The source code is available here if required.

27th May 2008

The source code for yesterday's rendering plugin is available here. It was generated with default installations of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express and the August 2007 DirectX SDK. Please let me know of any feedback you may have.

26th May 2008

Here is a new version of the rendering plugin concept. This version shows more functions. It contains two separate rendering plugins. One is a simple rev counter and the other is a start light repeater. Download it from here. Once again, PLEASE read the enclosed readme before installing it - there is a risk of overwriting existing files. I am planning to release all source code for this in the next couple of days.

16th May 2008

I've posted a proof of concept plugin that tests a new method for drawing to the screen from a plugin. Download it from here. PLEASE read the enclosed readme before installing it - there is a risk of overwriting existing files.

At the moment it does very little other than show a colored square in the top left of the screen. The color of the square is directly related to the current engine speed. The square should only display when in the car (rather than at the monitor screen or in the menus). Most importantly, there should be no lag and no flickering.

The interesting part is what is going on behind the scenes. This method should enable multiple plugins to draw to the screen at the same time.

I am going to continue developing this and hopefully it should lead to good things in the future!

8th May 2008

rfVCRmerge version 1.1 released.

A new button has been added to the Add Laps dialog to automatically select every driver's fastest lap. This will be particularly useful when using rfVCRmerge to quickly verify qualification laps for track cutting.

Additionally a fix has been added for replays of private qualification sessions. Many thanks to Rik Walker of Legends League for the suggestions.

21st Apr 2008

rfVCRmerge version 1.0 released.

I am still here! For the last few weeks I've been locked away putting the finishing touches to a new project.

It is a stand-alone application that allows multiple laps to be overlaid and saved into a new replay file. For those people (me included) who find telemetry analysis too complex this makes is easy to see where time is gained or lost throughout the lap.

For the time being this is as close as rFactor gets to a 'ghost car' mode.

Merged replay screenshot

More information about how to use the application can be found HERE.

Many thanks to everyone at the rFactor Gentlemans Racing Club for help beta testing, with specific thanks to Martin Steinmetz for creating the app icon.

2nd Feb 2008

Version 0.8 BETA released.

In a bid to fix the multi-threading server issues, this update contains a major structural change from the previous versions. If you broadcast to multiple viewers you will need to change your configuration. See the updated readme.txt for details. The documentation section of this site will be updated soon.

In addition vehicles that are currently in the pits are shown in grey in the timings table, and the '-connect' command line parameter is fixed.

Many thanks to KC and everyone at rleague.eu for their help with the testing.

17th Jan 2008

Time for an update on my progress over the last few weeks. I've gone back to the drawing board for how the plugin transmits its data. This has taken slightly longer than I hoped, due in part to real-life commitments. However I feel that I am nearing the end of this particular tunnel. I have a few performance issues to iron out but hope to have a new release ready soon.

29th Dec 2007

The '-connect' command line parameter is not working in version 0.7. Many thanks to Ermax18 for pointing it out. It will be fixed for the next version.

22nd Dec 2007

Version 0.7 BETA released. This update adds a few new tweaks and features: notification when first car joins the server, settings remembered between sessions, and new command line parameters (see changelog.txt in the download for a full list). Note that this release does not yet fix the multi-threading issue.

Note that the 0.7 and 0.6 viewers and server plugins are compatible with each other.

17th Dec 2007

I am aware of a serious multi-threading bug that is proving to be very difficult to remove. It seems to be causing problems for some people when there are multiple viewers logged on to the server at the same time. Thank-you to everyone who has been helping me out by providing detailed bug reports. Please keep them coming - they will all help to make this a better tool.

More features implemented for the next version: the window layout and the address of the last used server are remembered between sessions.

9th Dec 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been very busy recently and I've not had much time to put into this project. However, work is continuing when possible and I should be able to release a new version before Christmas.

Some features that have already been implemented for the next version: ability to select server and connect directly from command line switches, and AI vehicles are drawn in a different color.

21st Nov 2007

There have not yet been any reports of version 0.6 causing server crashes. I am relying on your feedback to ensure a good quality tool! If you have had any crashes while using rFactorLive 0.6, then please let me know.

New documentation section added.

17th Nov 2007

Version 0.6 BETA released. This update resolves the track loading issue. All tracks should now display a trackmap. This update also resolves several issues in the server that may have been the cause of some crashes.

4th Nov 2007

An issue has been found when running some tracks: the track map does not display correctly and "Failed to locate AIW for Event" is written into the plugin's log file. This issue effects all GPC79 tracks. This will be fixed in the next release of rFactorLive.

30th Oct 2007

Version 0.5 BETA released. This update adds a new command - the ability to zoom in and follow a selected vehicle in the track map. It also addresses some defects in the client/server messaging system.

Announcement thread on the Race Sim Central forums.

17th Oct 2007

rFactorLive goes live! Version 0.4 BETA released.


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