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rfVCRmerge overview

rfVCRmerge is a stand-alone application that allows multiple laps to be overlaid, synchronised and saved into a new replay file.

It generates a new VCR file that can be played back inside rFactor. This allows easy visualisation of driving lines and relative speed. For those people (me included) who find telemetry analysis too complex this makes is easy to see where time is gained or lost throughout the lap.

Download rfVCRmerge here.

Merged replay screenshot

To use, simply extract the archive from the download page and double-click the appropriate exe. There is one exe file for reading rFactor VCR files and another for reading Game Stock Car (GSC) VCR files. If you get a message about the program not being installed correctly, the readme file gives additional installation instructions.

Click the 'Add...' button, then click the 'Browse' button and select an rFactor replay file to open. The table will fill with all complete laps found in the file. Click on the column headings to sort. Tick any number of laps (in the checkbox in the first column) and click the 'Add' button. Clicking the 'Fastest Laps' button automatically selects every driver's fastest lap.

If you require, click 'Add...' again to add more laps from a different replay file. Please note that every replay file to be merged together must have been created with the same mod and the same track.

Click the 'Generate...' button to save the merged replay file. If you save the output file to rFactor\ReplayFridge\Replays it will appear in the in-game replay browser. Open it inside rFactor to see all the selected laps synchronised at the selected sector point.

Many thanks to everyone at the rFactor Gentlemans Racing Club for help beta testing, with specific thanks to Martin Steinmetz for creating the app icon.

Finally, thank-you to Patrick Giranthon and Renato Simioni, without whom the Game Stock Car replay file support would not have been possible.


The order of laps in the main window when you click the Generate button will be the order that the vehicles are cycled through using the '+/-' keys inside rFactor.

rfVCRmerge can be automated by use of the command line. See the readme.txt file for details.

known issues

The first lap of race sessions does not synchronise correctly. I am currently working on a fix.

The app is untested with replays saved from versions of rFactor earlier than 1.255.